Strong Healthy Women | 28 DAY TRANSFORMATION
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28 Day Changed My Life and 100’s of 50ish Women!

As women we understand time constraints, which is why our Transformation is only 28 days.  It’s long enough to get results and short enough to commit to. We encourage you to get started early by making SMALL CHANGES so you feel mentally and physically ready for the 28 days.


During 2 Days of Cleansing you EAT WHOLEFOODS and complete a DETOXIFICATION so your body is naturally supported.  By the end of the first week you are brighter, clearer, more energised and see the results on the scales and in your clothes and this continues for your 28 days. You really start to feel the results of good food on your mind and body.  The results are fantastic, you feel and look amazing. You know that it is possible to gain the momentum to lead the healthy, happy, strong & fit lifestyle you want. You achieve so much with the support and accountability of your lifestyle coaches and other 28’ers, knowing they are only a message away.

Tell me more about the 28 Day Transformation Journey

I was tired of being tired, now I don’t have an afternoon nap, I have so much more energy.

I needed to lose weight and couldn’t do it by myself, I’m not that committed. Having a group of like-minded women on the journey with me made all the difference, I felt so supported.

I never focus on myself, I am always busy doing something for my children and parents. I have finally realised that I need to put myself first, stay healthy and fit to be able to support my family.

I couldn’t think clear, there was too much brain fog. I didn’t understand the effect of food on my body and I can remember what I was about to do.

I had many clothes that were too tight that I couldn’t fit into, I just wasn’t comfortable. Now I can fit into my clothes and I’m off the diabetic watch – what a bonus.

I thought 1 treat wouldn’t hurt me, but it always turned out to be more. I now understand what healthy treats look like, so I can have my cake and eat it too.

I thought I was eating healthy, but I couldn’t shift the weight after my second child, I exercised but it turns out that alone is not enough. Now I understand that healthy food is delicious, what it really looks like and how it effects weight gain.

The weight kept on going up, I exercised but it wasn’t enough. I didn’t believe that I could be social and still eat healthy, boy was I wrong.

I couldn’t keep up with my grandchildren, I didn’t have the energy. My cholesterol needed to come down, I’d been trying for10 years. Finally, I can play soccer with the kids and my cholesterol is down.

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