Strong Healthy Women | Are you doing it your way?
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Are you doing it your way?

Are you doing it your way?

Are you doing it your way? Were you one of the many who tuned in for the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan?  I just love a good wedding. 


What interested me was the amount of comments both positive and negative in the press and social media. I heard comments like Meghan needed more makeup, why wasn’t there boning in her dress and can someone please give her a bobby pin, plus much more.


When I heard these comments, it reminded me how some live their lives looking for perfection.  And to be honest none of us are perfect. 


I loved the way Meghan did Meghan.  Yes, she would have had to follow protocols but remained true to herself.  You only needed to look at the smile on her face and the glint in her eye to see her radiating glow.  She did it her way within the guidelines.  Such a strong young woman.


Which leads me to her delightful mother Doria.  Sitting there alone, miles away from home in a different country and thrown into the media spotlight.  A woman who has obviously instilled values and strength upon her daughter.


It was a privilege to witness the strength of these women.  A clear message to all of us you will never please everyone.  Don’t judge yourself on what others think of you.  Do it your way and be true to yourself.


Each morning when you wake it is you, not someone else, looking back at you in the mirror.  You are the one that you spend the most time with in your life.  You get to make the calls about your life and what is best for you. 


Those around you respect you more for the fact you stayed true to yourself.  By not acting differently because others want you to, you show your integrity that others will notice.  People can tell when you’re not being sincere, and they’ll appreciate you being honest. 


The glow on Meghan’s face showed how happy she was.  Not pretending to be someone else and making the best choices for you based on the circumstances will surely mean you are happier.  When you are not trying to be different for different people, life is simply, simpler.


59% of our clients have been with us for over 5 years and I have witnessed so many friendships and connections made over the past 10+ years.  What is important is that most of these women showed up day 1 by themselves because their health and fitness was vital to them.  They showed strength. 


What happened on that first day was they were introduced to the other women at Strong Healthy Women.  They probably didn’t know anyone, or if they did, there might have been one or two familiar faces. 


The community went to work doing what they do best.  Making other women feel like they belong.  Over the years friendships grew and what I always remember is we are from all walks of life and yet have one thing in common.  Being healthy, happy, strong and fit as we age.  I continue to hear “we would not have been friends outside of SHW, because we would have never met”. 

Women who are unique and “doing it their way”.  O, Peta

PS Looking for your community to get healthy and fit with? Come on in, it's on us and see how amazing our women are.


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