Strong Healthy Women | Do you have a Fitness Passion?
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Do you have a Fitness Passion?

Do you have a Fitness Passion?

Do you have a Fitness Passion?  You might know mine already, if you picked up the latest Prevention magazine.


I love spending time listening and asking questions of women in our community.  It helps me have a better understanding of what’s important as you age.


Some of the lovely ladies at Strong Healthy Women enjoy playing tennis, others golf and some like walking, yoga or hiking.  This is their fitness passion.  They love doing it.  It’s fun, social and doesn’t feel like a chore.


Having a fitness passion not only keeps you physically active, but it also keeps you mentally focused and on point.  For most their fitness passion is that extra activity they participate in.  This is true of the Strong Healthy Women community.


The key to any fitness routine is mixing it up and knowing it helps keep you strong and flexible as you age, so that you can continue to enjoy your life as well as your fitness passion.


Recently Jill told me “I already have osteopenia.  I don’t want my bones to grow weaker, if I fall they might break.  I want to strengthen my bones as well as my muscles.”


What I love about this is…. I discovered that Jill wants to be flexible and play golf into her 90's.  This is her fitness passion!  What I also discovered is… she wants to play with her grandchildren when they come into her life.


I love all these reasons. Strength and Flexibility all the way!!!


Jill should be pleased to know that another keen golfer in her 80’s told me she can walk, run, skip, play golf, swim, all thanks to weight training at Strong Healthy Women.  I asked Beryl what she noticed since starting FITFlex and she said “I am stronger and maintaining flexibility with better posture.”


In the Finding your Fitness Passion article in Prevention this month it talks about how being 40, 50, 60 and beyond you still have the capacity to increase muscle strength and aerobic capacity.   I couldn’t agree more and see this every single day within the SHW community.


Specialising in fitness for the middle-aged women is not just about increasing strength and flexibility.  At the very core of Strong Healthy Women is a supportive group of women who all have a common goal to live their life doing what they love… whatever that is.


When you find a group of women who inspire, support and challenge you, it changes you.  It changes your life.


The Oxford Dictionary says Community is “A body of people or things viewed collectively.”  Community in the past meant the town or the neighbourhood you lived in.  Not anymore! Community is togetherness, a shared purpose, a place or something you choose to belong to.


I remember the day Julie walked into SHW.  She wanted to feel fitter, lose some weight and feel more comfortable in her clothes.  That didn’t happen!  She doesn’t fit into those clothes, they're too big for her now.


“It’s a life changing experience. Don’t be afraid of the changes that will happen to your wellbeing both mentally and physically. I just love being part of the Strong Healthy Women community.” Julie

O, Peta

Keep doing your fitness passion for as long as you can.  Build Strength and Flexibility with our FREE FITFlex session.



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