Strong Healthy Women | Get Your Mojo Back
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Get Your Mojo Back

Ready to Get Your Mojo Back?

As a woman in my 50’s I totally understand how easy it is to put yourself last on you’re to do list.  We say to ourselves I will start exercising, I will eat better, I will go to bed early, I will have a better Life / work balance; I will do this on Monday.  Monday comes around and something pops up to do with our aging parents or our children or work or partner and there goes our good intentions, so we wait until next Monday.

Starting with Intention can make a difference to your:

  • Energy
  • Flexibility
  • Focus
  • General Well-being

Taking the first step is perhaps the most difficult thing to do when making change. There are a lot of mental obstacles that make it difficult.  There will never be a best time, so just take the leap of faith and see what unfolds.

So What is the Morning Mojo?

The Morning Mojo only takes 5 minutes.  There is one important rule that you will need to follow – no technology during this time.  Easier said than done, as most of us start the day looking at our phone or some type of technology.  There are 3 key ingredients to starting the Morning Mojo Journey include Stretching, Breathing and Focus and Water and the Morning Mojo Drink.

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