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I Love Learning, Do You?

I Love Learning, Do You?

I love learning, do you?  Whether in person or on-line part of my learning process is spending time talking with women in our community.


One of the common stories I hear from women is that they used to be really fit and then life took over.  Or sometimes they’ve never really exercised at all, like me.  Yes, believe it or not, my strength and flexibility journey started in my 40’s.


Andrea said “I was very active when I was younger. I stopped when I moved interstate & started working full time. When kids came along, I was time poor focusing more on their sports & hobbies.”


You can relate to this, right?  Sometimes you wait…


  • until retirement or your work status changes,


  • until your children get older or leave home,


  • until you encounter a health concern and realise you need to move yourself up your priority list.


What happens next is… Your mind takes over!


  • Where do I start?


  • Too much information, it’s overwhelming


  • Pain from injuries, I won’t be able to


Andrea said “My knee never fully recovered & I saw a sports physician who said I had to stop softball & am looking at a knee replacement down the track. I have been scared to start exercising regularly again because I was over the swollen knee every time I did anything. FITFlex has given me no knee pain & it actually feels stronger 😊”


Why is strength training important to you?


You’ve probably heard of muscle wastage, muscle loss, it is also known as atrophy.  Wastage or atrophy occurs over time from the lack of strength training in life.  Strength training is critical to daily life and maintaining muscle as we age. 


Muscle atrophy can happen from health concerns such as heart disease or cancer.  Not eating a balance meal and lack or movement in particular strength training can also cause muscle loss.


One of the most efficient body weight (strength) exercises is a push up.  You don’t require any equipment, just your body.  A push up uses your chest, shoulders and arms whilst using your abdominal muscles. 


Why is flexibility important to you?


Not only do muscles become weaker, but our joints do as well.  Including daily stretching helps build strength, flexibility, circulation and blood flow.  Flexibility improves posture, balance and energy throughout your body.  What’s not to love about stretching?  It’s all about range of motion.  How far you can reach.  You might have noticed a small struggle reaching the higher cupboards, this is a reduced range of motion.  Stretching daily can increase your range and before you know it's increased when you're reaching those high cupboards again.


FITFlex is all about increasing your strength and flexibility.  You can take a listen here.


You might be sitting at home thinking where do I start? 


If you haven’t moved in quite some time, just start off by doing a full body stretch before you get out of bed of a morning.  Follow this up with walking up and down the hallway and doing some wall push ups and squats up and down off your chair.  Before you know it you’ll be wanting to do more.


I decided to put a video series together for those starting out, wanting to REFRESH their day and you will find it here.


Maybe you’re more advanced and want to try more.  I’d love to invite you in for a FREE FITFlex session with us.


Andrea said “FITFlex is challenging, inspiring, creates confidence & makes me feel happy. The ladies are so lovely & I realise that each has had to face her own challenges. I feel part of a strong group of women who are also committed to becoming stronger, healthier & happier. At our coffee sessions, they share many interesting tips & stories.”


I love that Andrea shared with me that she didn’t think she was in the right place because of the diverse range or ages at Strong Healthy Women.  But that changed very quickly during the first session.  “It was then that I realised that age is no barrier to fitness. Women are amazing 💕”


I love hearing from women who “can now do”… and learning more about what is important to them and why.

O, Peta


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