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It’s a Lovely Life!

It’s a Lovely Life!

It’s a Lovely Life! These are the words that Julie and Annette said last week when we were chatting in the carpark. Can you say you have a lovely life and what does that mean?  I believe a lovely life is about contentment, thankfulness and enjoyment.


Being happy, grateful and enjoying each moment of your life will have you feeling at ease and satisfied with the moments whatever they bring.  It doesn’t mean you don’t get out there and experience life and all it’s adventures, you simply have a state of calm with the status quo.


As I sit here I think about Julie and her recent caravanning adventure, going to yoga in a remote town and trying stand up paddle boarding for the first time.  Or Annette who is totally committed to her training, so she is ready to head off on her trip to Kokoda shortly.   It’s a lovely life!


Does it mean staying comfortable?  Not at all.  You only need to look at Julie and Annette, they are challenging themselves and experiencing new and exciting aspects of their lives.


What matters most in your lovely life?


Have you ever sat down and thought about what influences your decisions and why you place priority over different types of activities? 


One of the discussions we’ve had on many occasions at Strong Healthy Women is the decision to miss a morning workout to clean the house.  Some of us will opt for cleaning the house daily, others weekly and some of us opt for, well… when it needs it. 


Circumstances and emotions can have some bearing on this choice but what under pins your decision is what lies at the core of who you are – your value system.  Your value system is what is important to you, if something is worth it, what you like or dislike.  Values are formed during early childhood based on what you see and hear and have reinforced.  But those values continue to be re-evaluated and can be changed during your lifetime. 


Why are Values important?  They guide you through your decision-making process allowing you to make better decisions and moving you closer to your lovely life.   If you were to sit down and write a list of your values, HEALTH is always amongst the top ranking personal values.


Growing up, being fit and healthy was never something that was reinforced in my household.  In fact, being surrounded by preventable diseases was what I witnessed daily.  But this is what influenced my value system, so now health and fitness is a priority for me.  My lovely life includes exercise and eating healthy and enjoying the simple things in life.  I am happy to report that I am a “when it needs it” house cleaner.


What does your lovely life look like? O, Peta

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