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Breaking Down FITFlex

The Yin and Yang of Workouts for the 50’ish woman. FITFlex is a full body workout using weights and/or body weight training that takes the shortest amount of time with the highest level of impact and finishes with a flexibility and balance component.


Let’s break it down. There are 2 components in FITFlex, both 20 minutes each and just as important as the other.


The first is FIT and isn’t just about Fitness. Your F is Fundamental and Functional. We focus on the FOUNDATIONS, what’s practical and has a purpose in your everyday life now and in the future.


You’ll start at your baseline and progress from there. After-all the baseline is different for all of us. Your I is all about getting your heart rate racing, it’s Intensity.


We want you to learn and take action and this is why we have a T, it’s for training.


Moving to the second component, which we lovingly refer to Flex as your REWARD at the end of a great workout.

Your recovery and flexibility is just as important as building strength. This is why you’ll spend 20 minutes focused on lengthening and stretching your muscles which helps prevent injury and speeds up the recovery process.


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We love hearing from women in our community. Please send us your details with your enquiry and we will come back to you shortly.