Strong Healthy Women | The Possibility of WHY!
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The Possibility of WHY!

During the week I started thinking about Moving if Forward. In our Mojo group we’ve been talking about our “eating vices”. Whether its sweets or savouries or not being able to stop at one or not be organised, but the comments were all the same… what are the strategies?  How do we move this forward?

It so often goes back to what habits and reactions are ingrained in us from the past.  There is a lot of emotional connection both positive and negative to our habits. Our past has its place in helping us develop, but sometimes we can get stuck there and not be able to move forward. We have difficulty in telling what truth is and what is limiting us.  Sometimes when we hear something often enough we start to believe even though it may not be true.  We end up allowing these limiting beliefs of yesterday to decide our future.  Sometimes we just accept it and say “that’s just the way it is”.  It doesn’t have to be, but the change is up to you.

This week in 4M Blog, I talk about MOVING IT FORWARD.

How do you go from being stuck with yesterday’s beliefs to moving it forward to today’s reality?


Firstly…  Stop underestimating yourself.  Stop making excuses.  Stop telling yourself this is the way it is.  Stop searching for more information.  Stop saying you know. Just STOP.  Take a breath and let’s get started on taking ACTION – MOVING IT FORWARD.

As women we tend to put ourselves last and do everything for everyone else.  We are from different walks in life, some of us working fulltime, part-time, business owners, retired, mothers, grandmothers and everything else in between.  There is one thing that we have in common and that is we want to live a Healthy, Happy, Strong & Fit Life.  We know that, but WHY do we want that life?

To be successful understanding why something is important to us is essential and is probably the hardest thing to do, because it requires some soul searching and honesty with ourselves.

I personally want to live a long healthy, happy life, without disease or medication.  In my 40’s I had health issues and went through menopause.  I thought I was not going to be a 7 to 10 kilo weight increase statistic, but I was.  A weight increase started my journey or so I thought.  At this stage my WHY or GOAL whatever you want to call it, was to lose weight but the really touchy feely aspect of this was to keep wearing my bikini.   When you make changes you need to be really connected and emotionally involved.

My real journey had started my years earlier and it was actually my grandmother dying from a complication from a preventable health disease (diabetes) which was the trigger, I was 11 years old at the time.  I started making changes to my life back then but never realised until later in my life.  All of the generations of women in my family were and are overweight, had and have preventable health diseases, I do not at this stage in my life.  That is not to say that I won’t, but I am giving myself a fighting chance.  I work daily at this healthy life I have chosen and I am very clear on WHY this is so important to me. 

When you identify your why, it helps you discover the struggles and hardships you’ve had in your life and the impact on you or someone close to you.  Be real, honest and connect with your emotions.  Sometimes, the why you come up with is what I call a “vanity” why.  Mine was just that – it was about vanity and that’s ok to start with.  The next step is to explore that more and find your “lifestyle” why.  Become emotionally connected to how you want to live your life now and into your golden years.  Absolutely you need to write down your why and keep this with you so you are consciously involved on a daily basis.  In fact, when you write it down you are 42% more likely to be successful.

Here’s some ideas to get you started on your why:

  • I want to have more energy to play with my children/grandchildren
  • I want less aches and pains so I can move freely and travel
  • I want to look great in a bikini at 60
  • I want to run a marathon or climb a mountain
  • I want to live a long healthy life, without disease or medication
  • I want to fit into the clothes in my cupboard, I don’t want to buy a bigger size.

The key areas to identify once you have your WHY are

  • What are the benefits to you,
  • What resources will you need,
  • What obstacles might you encounter,
  • What is your action plan,
  • And finally the most important is what your reward is.

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Until next time, be Healthy, Happy, Strong & Fit, Peta