Strong Healthy Women | What you see, Is Not What Is There
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What you see, Is Not What Is There

What you see, Is Not What Is There

Have you seen the latest Ostelin advert on TV, where a series of women are trying on clothes in a dressing room and then when they look in the mirror what they see are their bones?  You can see the surprise on their faces.

Imagine this… that when you look in the mirror you see what is on the inside.  You see your heart pumping, your arteries moving your blood throughout your body, your cells generating, your bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles, your organs going about their business, your brain functioning.  Would you stop and think I don’t like my heart?  No, you wouldn’t, you would think how amazing that is.

Now stand in front of the mirror and what you will see is what your mind thinks of your body.  You might think my nose is too big and yet it is not really big it is what you think it looks like.  We have these ideals and stereotypes of being perfect so therefore when you look at yourself we have a negative perception.

Instead, stand in front of the mirror and think about how amazing your body is. Think about all of the functions it is performing so you can live.  There are 5 body organs going about their business 24/7, there are over 640 muscles keeping you strong, there are around 37.2 trillion cells working for you.  There is just so much going on inside.  There is so much more to you than what you see in the mirror.  Take the time to be thankful for your amazing body instead of only seeing the exterior.  Take care of it inside and out.

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