Strong Healthy Women | Why this week is going to be Great
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Why this week is going to be Great

Why this week is going to be Great

We can all impact someone’s life in some way.  That impact can range from lending a helping hand, supporting a friend or complete stranger or something more significant depending on their time of need.  Can one person make a difference?  I personally believe that one person can influence another’s life by being there for them.  But to truly make a change we need to work together with a common goal and some of us have very different goals and some of us don’t have a goal at all.

Many of you know that I am extremely passionate about building Strong Healthy Women in our community.  That community is not just our demographics but it is anywhere, anyone who will listen to me.  Our community of like-minded women continues to grow every day. So this week, I need you to be an influencer in your household, your workplace and your social environment.  Are you in?

Shine some Light on Someone…

This week take the time to shine some light on someone else’s day.  Celebrate being kind and helping another. If we all participate we can make a difference by sharing positivity and kindness.

  • Say “Hello” to everyone you come in contact with.
  • Recognise and thank someone who has been kind to you.
  • Say “Thank you” and look them in the eye and mean it.
  • Smile at everyone you see. This week in our newsletter we talked about the benefits of smiling. If you are not already on our mailing list, send us an email with your details – it’s free and has loads of fitness and health tips.
  • If you see someone in need, stop and give a helping hand.
  • Listen to the Positive and not the Negative person on your shoulder.
  • Share a meal with a friend
  • Genuinely listen to someone

Have a great week.

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