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We love supporting others and flourish with the support we get from those around us.  Social connection plays a major role in our well-being and has played an important part in our lives since the beginning of time. 

When we lack that feeling of belonging it places strain on our mental and physical health.   By building and maintaining social connections our confidence soars and our sense of well-being increases. 

Having another woman or group of women who understands what it is like to be going through the various stages of life as you age makes all the difference to your health and well-being.  This is what we love about Strong Healthy Women.

My favourite quote is: “Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”. 

This week I asked our tribe what word would you use to describe that all important social connection at Strong Healthy Women.

Unity, Working Together, Mob, Wonderful Amazing Group, Community, Bevy or Beauties, Mob of Hooligans, Cohort, Mates, Band, Circle, Cluster, Bunch, Gathering, Squad, Gang, Tribe, Community, Group, Sisterhood, Team, My People, FITFlex Family, Posse and finally Fold.

Whatever the name is… you will feel like you belong, because there is always a friendly hello and smile waiting for you… and the all-important, would you like to join us for coffee?

Come along to our next Discovery Day and enjoy being part of this amazing group of women.  Our SISTERHOOD!

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