Strong Healthy Women | Your 5 Minutes
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Your 5 Minutes

Your 5 Minutes

As John Lennon famously wrote, Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.”

We spend so much time thinking about what to do next, how will I make more money, how will I get a new job or promotion.  I need to pick up the kids, do the groceries, the washing and clean the house.

We forget about the beauty around us and taking time to enjoy and think about ourselves. Taking some time for yourself allows you to slow things down and focus on the present moment, allowing you to appreciate all the small details that make life rich.

Sometimes we get caught up on making the plan and we forget the action and the art of doing.  At our Stronger than Excuses retreat on the weekend, we talked about how you cannot wait for your motivation.  It comes and goes so there will never be a right time. You rely on making a change and that change you do daily until it becomes automatic.  Just another habit you create like cleaning your teeth.

There are so many small 5 minute windows during the day that you can take advantage of so in August we look forward to sharing our tips with you on how to use “Your 5 Minutes for you”.

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