We believe when you EAT real, wholesome food you
FUEL your mind and body, gain Energy and decrease Body Fat.
And… it all starts with daily HABITS.

We approach Fuelled Up with the 3 steps of the Healthy Habit Reset Process.

Break It

Make It

Live It

Ready to live Healthy Habits, feel Energised and lose body fat?

You’re standing in front of the cupboard, getting ready to go out, thinking “What will I wear today?” Your tummy feels bloated and your clothes uncomfortable. You sigh and opt for anything loose, you hide your tummy and wish your favourite clothes fitted.

You’re not alone, we hear stories
like this all the time.

I did my very best to avoid the mirrors in the house, I just didn’t want to see what I knew was happening to me. The weight kept on going up, I exercised but it wasn’t enough. Once I started wearing the biggest clothes in my cupboard, I knew it was time to do something about it. I didn’t believe, I could be social and eat healthy.


Ageing and Menopause doesn’t mean you have to accept an unhappy tummy, belly fat and weight gain.

When your tummy’s feeling unhappy you can feel brain fog, tired, lacking in energy and basically a bit blah. Generally, it means there’s a little extra around your tummy you’d like to get rid of.

Like most of us, you want to love your tummy and feel comfortable in your clothes. But… where do you start?

That’s why we created the Fuelled-Up programs, they’re short enough to fit into your schedule and long enough to get results.

Almost 50% of the day are habits and when you can create and live healthy habits it impacts your lifestyle now and in the future.

We’ll give you flexible and structured Meal Plans and workouts specifically for the woman 50+. You’ll find the right amount of variety without all the overwhelm of having too many choices to make.

My energy was depleted, and I needed a restart and I got that and more from Fuelled Up. I’m getting better with age!!
Strong Healthy Women is the love and support that rocks my core ‘cause I’m worth it!


Fuelled-Up is not a Diet, it’s a Lifestyle! Simply...Real Food, Water, Movement with a sprinkling of our Special Foundational principles.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know what chia seeds or quinoa is, because we’ll help you each step of the way.

We love, Fuelled-Up with it’s easy to follow lessons, swaps, activities, meal plans and grocery lists. We’ve taken the headache and overwhelm out.

  • You’ll start and finish the day with our Love My Tummy Brew

  • Follow the water plan to cleanse your body of toxins and unwanted fat

  • Eat 3 delicious family friendly meals

  • Enjoy an afternoon snack to boost your energy

  • Toxins are everywhere - in our food, environment and products we use. We breathe, eat, touch and use them daily, so we focus on cleansing your body.

  • Enjoy REAL Food your tummy will love. Food that will help those sugar cravings subside and have you feeling satisfied.

  • You’ll connect with your fellow lovelies in our Fuelled-Up community and feel supported each step of the way, knowing they are only a message away.

My mother is affectionately known as the food enforcer, so I didn’t have a great relationship with food. I have lost and gained the same amount of weight so many times in the past. But this time, instead of stopping with the first phase, I did all 3 phases. This was long enough to change my unhealthy habits to healthy habits and I believe this is the key to success. Being an ex-teacher, I did some research and discovered that it takes 2 to 8 months with the average being 66 days for changed habits to become a new automatic behaviour. I learnt what works for me, what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat and now I crave fresh food. I feel fantastic, I fit into my clothes and my arthritic joints are less inflamed.


You’ll notice

Clothes feeling

Gained more




Feeling lighter
and leaner


You’ll simply
feel better

This is my kind of eating. I’ve learnt the importance of planning, prepping and to purchase what I need so I don’t end up with either no food in the house or the wrong food in the house. The biggest lesson has been I know my body best and to listen to it. I know I need the accountability to make more permanent changes to my health and life.

As I get older, I want to be able to trust my body to do ordinary everyday activities like housework, shopping, driving, cooking and exercise. What’s equally as important are the extraordinary activities I love, like travelling - being able to get on/off trains, planes and boats, and be able to carry my luggage and put it in the overhead lockers. I want to hike mountains, walk along beaches, and tour cities for as long as my body will carry me. And when unexpected things happen like falls or accidents, I will have decreased the risk of fractures. For me, it’s ongoing and being consistent in my focus that are key to long-lasting results