What is FITFlex?

We like to refer to FITFlex as the Yin and Yang of Workouts.
There are 2 components, both equally as important as one another.




FIT is not just about fitness. It stands for Foundational Intensity Training, focusing on the FOUNDATIONS, what’s practical and has a purpose in your everyday life now and in the future. You’ll start at your baseline and progress from there. After-all the baseline is different for all of us.


FLEX is FLEXIBILITY and your REWARD after your FIT workout. This is all about Recovery, Flexibility and Balance which is as important as building Strength. During Flex you’ll focus on lengthening and stretching your muscles.

Because both components are equally as important, we devote 20 minutes to FIT and 20 minutes to FLEX.

Worried because you have injuries, wear and tear or general ailments?

We’ve got you covered with a modified version of


I knew I needed to strengthen my body as I aged. I wasn’t sure I could do it, as I have a few restrictions and I didn’t want to work out alone. I love the way that, with my special needs, I have exercises that are modified and prepared especially for me. What I’ve noticed is my fitness, my strength and flexibility have improved, and I never feel alone.


“I designed FITFlex specifically for women to counterbalance the effects of ageing.”

You’ll notice Daily Activities improving:

  • Reaching higher cupboards
  • Reaching higher cupboards
  • Carrying a full basket of washing
  • Walking up the stairs without holding on

Jokingly one day, I said I’m getting taller. I’m not actually growing taller – but I feel taller. What I realised is that because of the strengthening from FIT and the oh so important stretching from FLEX, I can reach more easily. I’ve noticed I’m not getting out the stool to stand on anymore, Before, my arms ached when I was doing simple overhead things like washing my hair, reaching high cupboards, higher tree branches. So in a way I’ve got taller.


You’ll notice Your Cherished & Loved Activities improving:

  • Reaching higher cupboards
  • Reaching higher cupboards
  • Carrying a full basket of washing
  • Walking up the stairs without holding on

What I’ve noticed is I can now garden all day long, carry my watering cans and enjoy my lovely flowers. On holidays at Broken Heads I scrambled up and down a steep track to reach Bray’s Beach and White Beach. Just perfect, beautiful and deserted. I couldn’t have done this without the strength and fitness I’ve gained


Getting Fitter, Healthier and Growing Confident with each workout.

Not only will you feel better, you’ll meet women with a passion for living life on their terms.


  • Anyone can do FITFlex.
  • You start at your level and work up from there under the guidance of a qualified fitness professional.
  • Even if you don’t currently exercise or do a little bit of walking, you can still participate in FITFlex.
  • If you’ve been injured and still recovering, we’ll adjust your program to suit.
  • Always remember not to set your expectation too high and start where you are at. Slow and steady wins the race.


  • The willingness to give it a go.
  • Gym shoes for comfort and safety.
  • Wicker pant and shirt, to remove the sweat away from your body. It’s all about being comfortable.
  • Water to stay hydrated.
  • Yoga mat
  • Towel
  • A smile to share with others.

My husband and I love getting away in the caravan exploring this wonderful country. With the help of Strong Healthy Women, I’ve learnt to change my habits and my way of thinking. I have become stronger, both mentally and physically.

To be able to continue with my travelling lifestyle I need to be fit and healthy. Setting up the caravan requires lots of bending, stretching, climbing stools, reaching, and squatting in confined spaces.

I faced a fear and ticked off a 2 hour Stand Up Paddleboard lesson from my bucket list. This was such an awesome experience. My instructor thought I would only last 30 minutes, he was wrong. Little did he know that I was a Strong Healthy Woman. So glad I didn’t underestimate myself. Something that I usually do! It’s time to set more goals.