Your Forward Focused, Grateful and Connected Community, living Ageless and Confident is here for YOU.

Believe in Yourself. Be Bold. Have Fun.

My favourite quote is

“Behind every successful woman, is a tribe of other successful women who have her back”

We live and breathe this every day.

After leaving the male dominant IT industry in 2005 and starting my own business, my passion for helping women find their community and live active, healthy, confident lives has unfolded before my eyes. It’s the women at Strong Healthy Women that make it special - their care, differences, support and willingness to learn and grow makes my life so full.

Our community understands what they do now can impact their future life and what that looks like, and that Strong Healthy Women provides a safe place to learn and connect.

They feel alone, invisible and unheard and are so caught up in the busy’ness of life, raising family, caring for ageing parents, managing a career and life's everyday activities, with little or no time left for themselves. Thinking “Am I the only one”? and discovering they’re not. Understanding you are not the only one feeling like this, gives you confidence that you can reach out to another woman who has found a way through the maze and is only too happy to help.

When it comes to living an active, healthy life, our “lovelies” know it’s ok to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back and that consistency is the key.

Women come to Strong Healthy Women to be active and healthy and discover their community and stay for the life-long friendships.

Welcome to the Strong Healthy Women community. I’m super excited you’re here.

- Peta Gillian

our members

Every day I hear stories from our amazing women. Nothing warms my heart more. You are truly an inspiration.

“My cholesterol is down”

“I can fit into clothes that haven’t ventured out of my cupboard for 10 years”

“I don’t feel sad looking at myself in the mirror any more”

“I can play with my grandchildren and don’t have to watch from the sidelines”

“I have a new zest for life”

“I’m prepared for old age, I feel fit and strong and can bound around the golf course”

“I came for fitness and found friendships”

“I feel the happiest, healthiest and fittest that I ever have in my life”

The Strong Healthy Women community has a range of life experiences to share and are just like you. Living their Ageless Life.


It’s amazing what you can achieve when you know someone is there helping you every step of the way. Strong Healthy Women is all about helping you, the woman 50+, llive Active, Healthy and Connected to Community. Our passion is helping you live your life confidently and enjoying your cherished activities. That’s why we have a range of services to help you do just that, including activities that keep you MOVING, feeling HEALTHY from the Inside/Out, and Ageing with CONFIDENCE.

This is how we do it…

  • move

  • eat

  • live


Strong Healthy Women have been actively involved, helping and raising funds in our local and widespread community. We are passionate about helping others. Support comes in different formats. It might be a much-needed smile or hello for the day, food for those who will do without at Christmas time, funds to help advance medical breakthroughs or washing clothes for those affected by floods. We see acts of kindness every day in our community, our members are amazing and support one another in whatever way they can. Small acts make BIG changes in lives.

The Women Behind Strong Healthy Women


I’ve not always been a health and fitness enthusiast, this came much later in life, in fact, in my 40’s. But after a bit of socio-analysing over the years, I’ve discovered that I was affected by the preventable health diseases that eventually took the life of my grandmother. The impact was so strong that it has influenced so many life decisions, like when I left my high paying corporate career to start Strong Healthy Women.

I felt so passionate that I could make a difference to the ageing woman, that here we are today. I am Cleveland Clinic Certified in Exercise Prescription, Nutrition and Mindset Management, as well as a Certificate IV Personal Trainer with a variety of industry related qualifications and an extensive list of certifications in other industries. Learning is a passion of mine.

My life as a Fitness and Lifestyle professional started after a health issue of my own, menopause and feeling like a walking zombie. I told myself I wasn’t going to be that woman who had the menopause belly and put on those extra kilos, but I was. My beloved walking wasn’t enough, I discovered strength training and a new way of eating and embraced being an “ageing” woman. I created FITFlex, Ageless Confidence and Fuelled Up for women just like me.

What I’ve learnt during life is how confidence in “who we are” plays such a big part in embracing all we can be. I’ve taken up skiing, hiking, rock scrambling, bike riding, swimming and am prepared to try most things, because this is my life to live and love.

I’m on a mission to spread the word that age is not a barrier to being confident, healthy, and relevant because it’s never too late to share your life’s experiences with others. This is your time to get a little Sparkle and Shine in your day.


My “a-ha” moment was when I hit 98 kilos. 98 kilos!! This is what I weighed after the birth of my third child. I was overweight, uncomfortable and embarrassed. It was time to do something. I started eating healthy and walking every day. The weight began to move but the walking wasn't enough, so I started running. Again, my body knew I needed something more. I began strength training. And loved it.

I obtained my certificate IV in Fitness and became a personal trainer in 2010 when I joined Strong Healthy Women. I continue to develop my skills and obtain new qualifications including Boxfit and Metafit and haven't looked back.

I love what I do and the women I get to work with. I see myself as a coach rather than a trainer. A coach is part of a team – leading, guiding, teaching and supporting. I get excited for our clients and their future lives and how this will unfold because they are strong, flexible and involved in making daily choices for their healthy lives.

I love those “wow” moments. Those moments when our client walks through the door and she looks different. Her smile is wider, her head is higher, her aura is oozing confidence. She has found herself again and is embracing all that it means. Or those moments, during the workouts, when a client is “training". Her squats are perfect. Her lunges are deep. Her push ups define the strength she’s built. These are the moments that I live for.

Because of my weight loss journey, I know how our ladies feel, struggle, stumble and celebrate. I know every excuse there is because I too have used them all. I inspire my clients and they inspire me.

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