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To MOVE breaks the cycle of sitting too much and makes the habit of moving more allowing your body and mind to connect, feel strong and energised. Our MOVE program is designed to specifically counterbalance ageing, focusing on Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Recovery. There are 2 elements equally as important as one another and that is why we call it the Yin and Yang of workouts. MOVE is all about what’s practical and has purpose in your everyday life now and in the future.

  • Designed specifically to Counterbalance Ageing
  • Structured, Supervised, Non-Judgemental, You do YOU
  • Travels when you do
  • Individualised, Start where you’re at
  • Building Strength, Balance and Flexibility for Everyday Life
I want to MOVE More


EAT is all about fuelling your body and mind with real, wholesome food so you have the energy to GET GOING and KEEP GOING. We use bite size lessons to help break the not so good, whilst you make and live healthy habits each day. We’ll give you flexible and structured meals plans and workouts specifically for the woman 50+. You’ll find the right amount of variety without all the overwhelm of having too many choices to make. Live life fully fuelled and connected.

  • Bite Size Lessons to Break, Make & Live Healthy Habits
  • Community Support & Connection from your fellow Lovelies
  • EAT travels when you do
  • Find Better Sleep, More Energy & Glowing Skin
  • Lose Body Fat and Weight
  • Get Comfortable with your Belly, Body and Mind
  • Flexible and Structured Meals Plans and Workouts for the Woman 50+
I want to EAT Better


No matter what stage of life now is the time to be Bold. We call this AGELESS CONFIDENCE! You believe you can, and you do. Ageless Confidence is where Age, Health and Life Inspire. Bringing together women 50+ from all walks of life to share their experiences, lessons and expertise with one another. It’s all about living your best life now and in the future.

  • A Place to Belong
  • Meet and Grow Social Connections
  • Hear from Women’s Wellness Experts
  • Celebrate You
  • Everyday Women share their Life’s Lessons
  • Inspiring Strength and Confidence
  • Supporting the Community
I want to LIVE Ageless

Be a SuperWoman with extraordinary SuperPowers like:

Our Dynamic Mother and Daughter Duo

Feeling Connected

I’ve had a few falls, hospital visits and health scares in the past 12 months which has rocked my motivation. The support from Strong Healthy Women during these times has kept me going.

After each break, I look forward to getting back to my workouts and my SHW friends. I love the way that, with my special needs, I have exercises that are modified and prepared especially for me. What I’ve noticed is that FITFlex has greatly improved my fitness, my strength and flexibility.

Our on-line Community group keeps me connected, even when I’m not there I feel part of it… the friendships and companionship mean so much to me.

- Betty

Stronger Than My Younger Self

I’ve done some form of exercise all my life, but I never pushed myself hard enough to be as fit as I am now. What I’ve noticed is on my “off days” when I’m out walking my speed is so much faster than it used to be due to FITFlex. I find the distance in my golf shots has improved from the extra muscle strength and I’m still happy to walk my push buggy round the course (6km plus) and not resort to a battery buggy or motorised cart even though it’s a bit challenging going up some of the hills.

I really like that I can achieve results without having to spend large amounts of time working out. By continuing FITFlex and my other activities, I’m hoping that nothing too serious will happen to my body in years to come and exercise is so good for the brain too so hopefully it will stay active and healthy as well.

I feel very flexible and healthy; my bone density is excellent and after a workout I am so much more energised.

I would recommend FITFlex and SHW because ladies our age need to exercise more than ever even if you want to stop its about pushing through and not giving up. Nobody cares what you look like, so it doesn’t matter if your rolls and bulges are showing or you’re not wearing the latest gym gear. At the end of a session you know you’ll walk out and feel great.

- Wendy

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